Our Company

We add value to existing products through a technology that allows to print electronics on almost any substrate.

Our Mission

A new electronics


FLEEP is a company devoted to the empowerment of the electronics industry by providing a process for the realisation of printed electronics devices. Our mission is to enable flexibility and environmental sustainability in the world of electronics, with new devices able to create astonishing paths for user-interaction with common products. Our team works on this by developing a scalable process that is easily adaptable to any electronics and packaging production line.

Our goal is disruption, being everything electronics cannot be and keeping it affordable.

Our Vision

Revolutionise user interaction.


FLEEP plans a trip for game-changing activities towards the servicing of countless industries: from automotive to semiconductors, from design to pharma. We are redefining the concept of electronics and its role in everyday life to allow full user-interaction with everyday object. Ubiquitous electronics has never been so close..