A single technology. Endless Possibilities

Intelligent packaging

FleepTech’s technology empowers the sectors of logistics, food and product monitoring, event detection and sensing by providing intelligent and interactive functionalities to packaging on a variety of substrates. FleepIC brings even more value: electronic systems are realized in ultra-thin layers of less than 1 micrometer, constituting a minimal fraction of the total mass of the packaging.

Biomedical patches

Conformability and environmental friendliness are key requirements for delivering effective biomedical patches for continuous monitoring that are comfortably worn by the patient. FleepIC enables the realization of standalone sensing patches that are thinner than a human hair and can be conformed to the skin.
We offer device, process and system development services to deliver innovation to your products.

Ubiquitous standalone electronic systems.

Through pervasive deployment of electronic sensing, monitoring and processing systems it is possible to unlock new possibilities for smart buildings and cities, efficient energy management and structural failure monitoring. FleepIC provides sensing and signal-processing functionality to everyday objects, even with challenging form factors, through a low-cost manufacturing process suitable for large-volume production.

Large-area intelligent surfaces

The integration of sensing and computational functionalities into objects is now free from area limitations. FleepIC printed technology enables the integration of electronics into large areas and unlocks the manufacturing of large sensing surfaces with integrated signal conditioning and processing.