MIT Technology Review Italy assigns Innovation Prize to FLEEP


In the beautiful setting of the Bologna Business School, Giorgio Dell’Erba – responsible for the FLEEP project of the Italian Institute of Technology – received the MIT Technology Review Young Innovators Under 35 award.

There is a lot of talk about the difficulties of young Italian researchers to make their way in Italy. True, without a doubt. But it is also true that in many cases a different, more comforting way of “globalizing” is occurring: training in Italy to finalize one’s own project, of life, but also of work, and going to make one’s living abroad, to benefit from a more rooted and evolved entrepreneurial culture. And then come back with clearer ideas and a greater ability to move on the different sides of the market, domestic and international.

It probably won’t be so easy for all those who try it, but this is how it was and is for many of the young innovators that MIT Technology Review Italia selects and awards every year, in the framework of the Innovators under 35 initiative, launched more than a decade ago by MIT Technology Review USA.

Over the years, and especially this year, when the criterion of the market value of the selected projects was stressed, the ten young people who will be awarded the prize on May 10 in Bologna, can already be defined, in their own right, not only as brilliant researchers, but also as successful entrepreneurs, at least potential.

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